Exhibition Opportunities

-6 SQM
-9 SQM


-Morning Workshops
-Lunch Workshops

Virtual items

-Mass Communications: Banner in 1 e-blast
-Mass Communications: Banner in 2 e-blasts
-Mass Communications: Banner in 3 e-blasts
Branding Opportunities
- Symposium dinner
(note: based on the unrestricted educational grant)
- Lunch break / Coffee break
(to be hosted outside of the main lecture auditorium)
- Bag insert
(note: bags without the programme and with exclusively promotional material will be available at the registration area for voluntary pick up by delegates. Programme booklet will be handed in with the badge)
- Lanyards
(sponsored and non-sponsored lanyards will be made available for delegates for choice)
- Half page ad in programme / Full page ad in programme
(programme booklet will be divided into two parts: I. a first section for all the scientific/educational information, II. the sponsors information, and adverts)
- Your logo on a roll-up
(to be placed in the registration area)

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, do not hesitate to contact [email protected] or [email protected].

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